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Epic Enrichment Pitch Competition

We’ve got our Pitch Contest Semi Finalists!

We want to thank all those who participated in our first Epic Alliance Pitch Contest. We chose four very diverse small businesses and we’re happy to present them to you. We’ll be re-introducing them again in August as we gear up for voting. Voting starts on September 4 and will end September 29. For now, get to know the top four semi finalists!

Help us pick two finalists in September for their chance to pitch to an audience of business professionals, Saskatchewan Small Business owners, entrepreneurs, and the community at our EpicEnrichment 2017 Trade Show & Conference held this November 17 & 18 at the German Concordia Club. This two day networking event is aimed at Saskatoon entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to expand their brand reach and connect with potential partners for collaboration and projects.

How it works

This competition is open to any legal small businesses in Saskatchewan who are looking to increase their exposure. There will be a limited amount of space for small businesses nominated to be a part of the 2017 EpicEnrichment Pitch Competition. From the selected, the owners of Epic Alliance Inc., Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson, will choose contestants to compete to win the opportunity to present at Epic Alliance Inc EpicEnrichment Small Business Conference. The finalists will be publicly voted on by their peers resulting in 2 final winners that will present at the 2017 EpicEnrichment Small Business Conference & Trade Show. This room will be filled with industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and those seeking education, power networking, and self-development.

Rules and Regulations


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