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With the advent of social media, people are talking about businesses online, whether they’ve actually got an online presence or not. Therefore, it’s critical to be at the helm of where the conversation about your business starts and ends.

How can you take control?

Give people a place to find the information they’re looking for. Build a website where people can go to learn all about who your company is, what value it can bring to them, and how they can get in touch with you to achieve their desires.

Epic Alliance Web Solutions can help you build a responsive website that fits your business like a glove. Give us a shout today to find out more!

Date: 11/9/2017 1:14 PM PDT

Marie SavostianikMarie is the Executive Director of Saskatchewan’s only formal angel investor organization - the Saskatchewan Capital Network. The Saskatchewan Capital Network is a member-based, non-profit organization of Saskatchewan angel investors with currently over 35 investor members. Since 1990, Marie has been working in the areas of technology commercialization, entrepreneurship and access to financial capital. Marie is responsible for the management and administration of Saskatchewan Capital network including investor membership, meeting with entrepreneurs seeking angel investment to start or grow their businesses, and coordinating events that give investment-ready entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet and present their business opportunities to potential

Talk Topic:

Saskatchewan Capital Network

Marie will give you a look into the financing continuum for companies, the motivations of individuals (angel investors) to invest in entrepreneurial ventures, and what companies need to do to prepare to present to potential investors.

Make sure to get your tickets to the conference on November 18th and The Trade show on November 17th.

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Date: 17/2/2017 12:05 PM PST

Stefan Aarnio — oh my. When I first met this young man, all I could think was, thank goodness I didn’t give birth to him! Ouch, right?

But over the last couple of years I have watched Stefan Aarnio grow to become one of the most intriguing characters in the real estate investing industry. We first saw Stefan at a Profit in the Prairies event in Regina a couple years ago. He was aloof and disinterested at this event, but I always say that you may not be able to respect a person’s character, but you have to respect their knowledge. With this in mind, Rochelle and I signed up to check out Stefan’s two day event. Took a bit, but we finally got into the Calgary event. So, off Rochelle and I went, questioning our sanity the whole way.

We were in for an awakening.

When we went to the event, I will openly admit I was there with a chip on my shoulder. Figured I might pick up a couple of good work tips and probably nothing more. It had been quite awhile since we'd last seen Stefan in person, but it took us no time to realize that this was not the same Stefan we had first met. What a pleasant surprise. Here stood a young man who impressed me.

stefan aarnio

Stefan Aarnio - Help Home Ventures Inc.

He taught me one of my most valuable life lessons. 

I've always had drive, passion and goals, and what I thought was my "why". Stefan told his story and his “why” of life that he draws determination and grit from. Then he asked us to define a moment in time to draw strength from. I remember two moments hitting me like a ton of bricks. I will never let those moments happen again. I wear two bracelets on my wrist that put me back into those moments when I need to draw from my “why” and need strength when I don’t think I have any left.

Stefan may do things very different from how I do them, but that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. Adding your flair to things and making a living while doing it.

~Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 3/2/2017 6:15 PM PST

Rochelle and I first saw Steven Koszman at a Fast Track event — what an energetic and passionate speaker he is! A person can't help but watch Steve when he is onstage. His energy and spirit shine through. Then, to boot, he has this amazing smile that is bright and contagious. 

Steven Koszman

Steven Koszman - Steve Kushman Productions Inc.

Steve and his big smile make for an amazing motivator and coach. Plus, his mentor is none other then Blair Singer. If you don't know who Blair Singer really need to do your research. Blair Singer is Robert Kiyosaki's personal coach and motivator.

This month at EpicEnrichment, Steve will give you tried-and-true tools for kicking self doubt and negative self talk square in the butt when the going gets tough. What a refreshing person to be in a room with!

~Epic Girl Alisa



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Date: 20/1/2017 11:00 AM PST

I’m so appreciative and blessed to have met Darlene Smith. The world doesn't have enough people with smiles and hearts like hers.

darlene smith

Darlene Smith - FortuneBuilders

Darlene Smith is a ball of fun and light when she walks into a room. Rochelle and I met Darlene through FortuneBuilders. When we met, it was like we were friends who hadn’t seen each other in years, and had a million stories and hugs to give each other. I admire Darlene for her energy and passion. Her efforts and abilities make me look lazy and dispassionate; Darlene has a tenacity that's second to none!

Darlene is also one of the proudest Canadians I know. No matter where she is, everyone in the room knows that there's a Canadian present!

Darlene has coached and trained across North America. This number of trainers and educators she has worked and studied with is so vast, that hearing about her experience with them, alone, is worth the cost of the EpicEnrichment ticket. With regard to learning and networking, Darlene's life experience plus her passion add up to make her a force to be reckoned with.

At this point, I'd bet that she's learning and networking in her sleep!

Darlene Smith is a true entrepreneur. She's able to think so outside the box, you'd think one never existed. I always enjoy any conversation I'm able to have with Darlene. I find her to be truly inspirational, and one of those people I strive to keep in my life. I’m truly honoured to have a mentor, friend and person of such heart in my life to learn from.

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 5/1/2017 4:14 PM PST

Rochelle and I first saw Pierre-Paul Turgeon at a Spring 2016 Profit in the Prairies event in Regina. The idea of having apartments was not something on our investment to-do list until we heard Pierre-Paul speak. He has a true passion for multi-unit investments.


pierre-paul turgeon

Pierre-Paul Turgeon - Matterhorn Real Estate Investments Ltd.

When Pierre-Paul Turgeon spoke in Regina, he impressed us. Not only is he a talented and knowledgeable speaker, who's great at making complicated topics come across in layman's terms, Pierre-Paul is also a really nice, down-to-earth kind of guy.

Even though Rochelle and I don’t invest in apartments and multi-units right now, we know that lots of people have an interest in this type of investment. Plus, there are so many types of real estate investments out there, and we want you all to get to know as many as possible. So, we are bringing Pierre-Paul Turgeon in to speak about multi-unit investments! 

Pierre-Paul will be doing a webinar for February's Epic Alliance Networking Night, and will also speak in-person at our EpicEnrichment: Multiple Layers of Real Estate Investing conference. We are excited for you to hear what he has to say!

Rochelle and I both agree that when we are ready to add large multi-units to our portfolio, Pierre-Paul Turgeon is who we will be reaching out to for training on this type of investing.

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 15/12/2016 4:50 PM PST

Jon Simcoe is an intelligent and personable real estate investor, who works largely with Rent-to-Own opportunities. 

jon simcoe

Jon Simcoe - Lion Properties Ltd.

Rochelle and I were first introduced to Jon Simcoe through Laddie and Shelley James. Laddie had heard about our Hassle-Free Landlord Program, and instantly thought that Jon and Epic could work together. I got on the phone and talked with Jon, and it was obvious that Laddie was right! Epic ended up closing and working on some real estate investing deals with Jon.

We didn’t end up seeing Jon in person for quite awhile. Rochelle and I finally got to meet him face-to-face at a Fast Track event. We were happy to meet Jon and even more delighted to hear him speak, as he is a straightforward educator with solid message delivery. When onstage, you can see his passion for helping people become homeowners.

Jon is from Fort McMurray, Alberta. As most of you know, a huge forest fire devastated Fort McMurray in 2016. Jon was faced with what most real estate investors fear — a major loss of property to disaster. Jon took this challenge head-on and was most concerned about rehousing his tenant/buyers who were homeless. I watched on Facebook as he reached out and worked non-stop. Anyone looking to see a speaker of value — with great capabilities in the real estate investing industry — won’t be disappointed in seeing our friend and fellow investor, Jon Simcoe!

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 1/12/2016 9:54 PM PST

Julie Hoffman

Julie Hoffman, Street Smart Diva Real Estate Investing

The first time I saw her on stage, Julie Hoffman had a presence that interested me. She was funny, entertaining, educational and genuine. All traits that make for an intriguing presenter and educator. Rochelle and I first saw Julie at a Fast Track Conference in Edmonton over a year ago. We have seen and spoken to Julie many times since, and when we connect, it is always refreshing to watch her speak or have a one-on-one visit. The passion she holds for herself and her business is to be admired.

Julie is a true inspiration to any woman wanting to look at real estate investing or power networking as a part of their life. She has four kids, does business coaching, and is a true entrepreneur. If you enjoy learning from real people and their real life examples, Julie is your girl!! She has a great “hold nothing back" personality, and tells it like it is. Julie's life story is an inspiration to anyone who has fallen and needs to climb back up. She openly talks about her failures in this tough industry, and turns those experiences into exhilarating stories about how anyone can overcome fear and defeat. I enjoy being able to call Julie a coworker, but I love being able to call her a friend.

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 21/10/2016 9:34 AM PDT

Shelley Hagen was our first business/real estate investing mentor, and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. Not only is Shelley one of the kindest people we know, she also has an amazing business and real estate investing mind.

Shelley got her start in Regina. To be able to get into business and real estate investing with a mentor who started their business in the same backyard as us, well, that was priceless. Shelley is also a Hall of Fame-r with Rich Dad for doing 96 deals in one year.

Shelley is a speaker who holds nothing back and answers every question posed to her.  I can only hope Rochelle and I can be half as good at real estate investing, and as big-hearted as Shelley is.

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 21/10/2016 9:32 AM PDT

Ross Lightle is a farmer from outside Calgary with business and real estate investing logic. Nope, scratch that. He's so much more. Ross' sincere demeanor, immeasurable knowledge and life experience are priceless.

Rochelle and I were fascinated by Ross the first time we heard him speak at a real estate conference. After we heard him, we brought him to Saskatoon to teach a Rent-to-Own class. From there, knowing Ross has only become more awesome!

Now, Ross is one of the greatest mentors we work with. He and his wife, Barb, opened their home in the BC mountains to us in July. We spent three days training with Ross, and one of those days took place on his house boat. The amount of information Ross taught us for the betterment of our business was astronomical.

Ross teaches from his heart with passion and integrity. Anyone can enjoy Ross' storytelling capabilities and his diverse experience with business.

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 21/10/2016 9:27 AM PDT

We all know that networking is the backbone to any well run business. Paul Martin takes networking to a whole new level of awesome.

Paul Martin is someone who knows how to power network. Whether Paul is rubbing shoulders with high-end CEOs, politicians or a person he meets on a street, he's gathering intel and has already thought of a multitude of ways to help them or link them to the right person.

At our meetings, Paul's business sense, knowledge and zest for a good story never cease to amaze me. All of this has helped him become one of the leading experts on the Saskatchewan Economy. He's full of passion when he speaks about Saskatchewan and any angle to do with this economically diverse province. Paul is a powerhouse speaker who is always a pleasure to listen to because of his admiration for Saskatchewan. He loves that Saskatchewan is viewed as the underdog by most outsiders to the province. Yet in reality, Paul will dazzle you with the all the diverse options Saskatchewan has to offer that are relatively untouched.

If you're like me, you understand the power of networking and why understanding the economic climate of our great province is so important. If you don't understand the dynamics of networking and the reality of Saskatchewan's economy, prepare to have your socks knocked off!

Epic Girl Alisa

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