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Date: 9/6/2016 8:13 PM PDT

House auction. What does that mean to you? For most people, where I'm from, it's not the most common way to sell a house.

I'm from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In rural Saskatchewan, most people sell their homes via auction. Most of the United States and many other countries actually utilize auctions regularly to move pieces of property. Because Epic is constantly innovating, we're opting to move some of our flipped properties by auction.

Rural Saskatchewan has opted to sell farm homes by auction for a long time. A farm auction is advertised many weeks in advance. The date of the auction is added to calendars and eagerly counted down, like a fair coming to town. People will travel for miles to Coffee Row (whatever coffee house is in the community) to chat about the property and items coming up for sale. To them, the auction can't come soon enough! On the day of the auction, sometimes hundreds of people gather for it. Everyone watches with acute attention, waiting for the items they want to come up for bidding...then the bidding starts and an infectious frenzy begins! Before you know it, all the items and property are gone. The auction has done what was expected -- it was a quick and viable way to move property and other items.

In the United States, auctions are frequently utilized to sell properties.  Actually, local entrepreneur Garry Viden of Dore Enterprises has created an investment opportunity and business out of American house auctions and online bidding. Could you imagine...buying houses through an online auction and then making a profit reselling them! Especially on houses in another country! There is obviously a whole learning process to go through to achieve this caliber of online bidding and auctioning. If you'd like to connect with Garry to find out more, he can be reached here:

So, now comes our Epic House Auction! We've partnered with Bodnarus Auctioneering to auction off two stellar Saskatoon properties. Frederick Bodnarus (the owner of Bodnarus Auctioneering) is an award-winning auctioneer who has an innovative business mindset. The auction will happen on June 16th in Saskatoon at the Heritage Inn, inside Jubilee Room B & C on 102 Cardinal Crescent. At the auction, people can expect the flair of rural Saskatchewan farm auctions and the creativity of cutting-edge real estate entrepreneurs. There will be seating for 60 people and trade tables for folks to peruse too. Check out for all the details!

There are many open houses scheduled so people can gather any info they need about the properties. All of the open house dates and times are here: Also, people interested in a private viewing can call me (Alisa) at 306 717 3351 or email

If you know of someone who wants to get a quality home, or they want to be part of an epic moment, pass this blog post on to them. Everyone is welcome to come and check out the live auction! People can also go online to bid on properties...and watch the bidding to see how it goes!

Can't wait to see many smiling faces on the 16th!!

Alisa Thompson

Posted by epicalliancerealestate

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