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Date: 11/3/2016 6:59 PM PST

How did you come to know or work with Epic Alliance?

I met Rochelle & Alisa at one of their first Real Estate Investors Networking Night meetings inĀ April, 2014 (though it feels like a decade -in a good way!)

995001_403280946440924_1616728126_n I attended their event as an interested investor, but was invited to discuss my book, "The Canadian Gold Rush is Back! How to Accelerate Your Wealth Outside the Stock Market." We were immediate fast friends at this first encounter because we share the same vision. Their physical energy and stamina far-exceeds mine, but the mindset of success and helping others along the way is the same.

I surround myself with positive - energized people with good hearts, and they are always on the top of my list. I was impressed with their plans to incorporate raising up struggling young women, to build a great life for themselves. They have incorporated building the success of others part of their end goal.


What type of work or investments have you done together?

I invited Rochelle and Alisa to join me in Los Angeles for a Mega Partnering event, where we met Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino. After that event, they asked me to join them in Las Vegas for a Fortune Builder Conference, so I booked my flight and tickets! It isn't good enough to learn about success, you have to learn from the best! I trust their integrity and abilities, so I had no problem investing with them in two Hassle-Free Landlord houses. The numbers made sense and they are great partners. It was extra appealing because as a cash flow rental investment, I have zero hands-on responsibilities. The Epic girls are the most adaptable investors I know. They can duck-dodge and redirect their investment strategies for whatever works for the situation or investing partner.

What was your overall experience or stand-out moments?

Over the last two years, I have spent a lot of time with and watching the Epic girls evolve and put their strategies into place. Their REINN group has grown from just a few to almost 50 in attendance each month. Their media and online presence has exploded - from magazine features, news videos, and maximizing their social media. They have a professional and polished presence by adding an amazing marketing team. Rochelle and Alisa are always investing in their real estate and business education, so they continually build on their business and everything they have to offer.


How has this connection or particular experience changed your business?

Rochelle and Alisa have added substantially to my business network and opportunities. As they grow and build their following, I also gain valuable connections. I am always looking to bring value to them in return. By saying yes to the opportunity to join them in Vegas for Fortune Builders, I was introduced to their head Canadian coach. I'm now in the process of connecting the international company with our Canadian National Best Business Network. You never know where an introduction can lead you. Stay open to envisioning potentials.

Tell us a little about yourself and the work you do.

I've spent almost a decade studying how to maximize my investing results. My husband and I invest directly in rental real estate on our own or in partnerships, and in a variety of private market investments. I wrote the first book on the Private Market in Canada, because I saw that the majority of Canadians are in the dark. There are so many things you can do inside your RRSP and TFSA for income and growth. Most investors understand that diversification is a part of asset protection, yet so many hold everything on the stock market, primarily because they don't know or understand their options. I started PowerHouse Women and Wealth as a platform to educate women to take control of their financial success. When you have balance in your Financial Life, you create peace in all other areas of your life. I believe, the more people you help succeed, the higher and farther it will take you!


Posted by epicalliancerealestate

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