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Date: 24/2/2016 7:34 PM PST

TIME IS MONEYInvest both to reap the most rewards
For any of you that know us, it will come as no surprise that we take every opportunity to surround ourselves with people who share our mindset and business goals. Even after working a 60 hour week, we still go the extra distance to spend our ‘down-time’ attending educational and networking events across North America. We have crossed paths with so many amazing and motivational investors over the years – but none quite as driven as Stefan Aarnio.

Aarnio is a Canadian Award Winning, Real Estate Investor, Coach, Author & Public Speaker. He uses inventive strategies and techniques developed from the best minds in the field. He shows readers step-by-step methods to create lucrative real estate deals with no money and little effort.
We have been in the same room with Stefan Aarnio several times at various events over the years – but our most memorable time was our accidental encounter with him at a networking conference in Los Angeles, CA. It was there that we received our first signed copy of his book; Money People Deal, and discovered that we wanted to learn more about him and his business through attending his future courses.
Like most of you, we also have crazy busy schedules, important work and family commitments, a house to clean, homework with the kids, suppers to prepare, bills to pay, dogs to walk, and the last time we checked – we also had zero money trees growing in our backyards! This means that we can’t do everything we want to and we can’t just drop everything to run to every event invite that hits our inbox. We are selective about the events we choose and the people we align ourselves with. We are most often drawn to the pillars of the industry – people that are successfully making a difference and a great living by doing the things they love, coach and write about.
That is the exact reason that we decided to attend Aarnio’s most recent coaching event in Calgary, Alberta. He lives by his guidelines that he coaches. Aarnio utilized the steps that he outlined in his book to attain his massive real estate investing success -- That’s a like-minded person that we were interested in hearing more from!
Away we went! We finished up our work week and hit the highway for our 8-hour trek to Calgary for his weekend event – Self Made. Self Made is the title of his sophomore book and his most current real estate investing course.
Saturday, February 20th, was day one of our course with Stefan. The first day was all about mindset. Mindset is such a crucial part of any successful business. Mindset is your typical outlook or response to things around you. Success is a direct reflection of mindset. Focusing your energies on solutions rather than obstacles will ALWAYS award better results! Mindset determines how you respond to people and situations and how others engage with you. A positive mindset opens up a whole new world of opportunities – which is such a large part of making successful strides real estate investing market.

Sunday was all about analyzing actual real estate deals. It was the meat and potatoes kind of day. He walked the group through all of the actual numbers and breakdowns of deals that he and his team have actually completed. He showed the group what deals made sense and profit – and why. Stefan and his team went to great lengths to put together a course that takes rather complex real estate theories and presents them to the audience in a very direct and simplified way. There are so many variables to building a successful career in real estate investing, but it all starts with a foundation of a positive mindset and a solid understanding of the numbers and the deals – everything else can fall into place from there!

We left Aarnio’s weekend course feeling even more connected and inspired than before. We always tend to have a burst of energy after spending time with successful, driven investors at industry events. If we could ever bottle-up that post event feeling and spread it around, we could easily put RedBull out of business! That feeling creates immense  drive, ideas and ambition. Networking and learning are not only good for your business, but are essential fuel for your entrepreneurial spirit too!
Ok, well not exactly...We didn’t think it would have been very becoming of us to pack him in our trunk to bring him back to Saskatoon – we did the next best thing – we brought back dozens of copies of his debut book in the trunk of our car instead! It’s a win/win for everyone.
Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. is offering a copy of this book to anyone who schedules a free consultation with us to discuss their real estate investing options.  A copy of the book is our gift to those who are serious about taking an epic journey into the world of real estate investing with us!
This is a great read and a beneficial guide for those interested in becoming involved in money-making real estate transactions. We feel the information outlined in this book will lead more people to understand the dynamics of successful investing in real estate.
In Money People Deal, you will discover:
-    The Law of Certainty and the 21 steps to a profitable joint venture
-    Why the best deals are created and cannot be bought
-    Why morons get rich and geniuses die broke
-    The 4 fastest ways to profit
If you are interested in learning more about investing in real estate, reach out to us! It's always a benefit to surround yourself with passionate professionals that are active in the industry.
email us at:
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“People who invest in themselves and education never lose.” – Stefan Aarnio

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