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Date: 18/5/2016 2:20 PM PDT

In Saskatchewan, it is often hard to find Real Estate Investing educational events...and I'm not talking about the 2-hour 'sell-you-something' infomercials at hotels. I'm referring to an actual forum where people can meet other like-minded real estate entrepreneurs and receive an abundance of information and mindset training.

The PPREIG spring Real estate forum was just that - A great learning atmosphere, filled with people of eager mindsets wanting to expand their context. The variety of speakers Global REI Education was spectacular.

Edna Keep & Shelly HagenEdna Keep & Shelly Hagen

One of the first speakers for the day was Pierre-Paul Turgeon, who spoke about Multi-unit Investing.  He was an intriguing speaker with great energy! Have you ever wanted to own an apartment complex? Do you know how to get one without any of your own money? He gave the audience his perspective on how to do that!

Pierre-Paul TurgeonPierre-Paul Turgeon
Then there was Marcin Drozdz of Go-Fund - The Capital Solutions Company. They offer private funding for businesses, especially small businesses. Did you know this company even existed? I didn't, but sure glad that I know now!
Marcin DrozdzMarcin Drozdz
Adrian Leusink
Pinnacle Wealth Brokers had Adam Labuik present about their secure investment opportunities in the exempt market. Have you heard of an exempt market? Check out his links to learn more!

Then Adrian Leusink of Tamco Homes gave a presentation about the key economic drivers of Saskatchewan. He provided information about all of the market stats and projections for Saskatchewan. Do you know what percentage of Saskatchewan economy is Agriculturally based? Oil and Gas based? Service Industry based? Mining based and so on? Knowing these stats are crucial when planning your businesses direction.

Adrian LeusinkAdrian Leusink
The second day kicked-off with some great information from Garry Viden and how American tax leins are facilitated. Did you know you can purchase a house through an auction system by using the Tax Liens process? Many houses are sold by auctioning as a new form of rapidly selling off properties! It's a big thing in the USA and making it's way to Canada.

The second day also consisted of people presenting real estate offers and business plans for potential investors. Some of the investment opportunities were as little as $5,000.00. Did you know investments of $5,000.00 into real estate even existed?

The final speaker was Shelley Hagen of Di-Rae Development. Shelley is always one of my favourite presenters! Her overall knowledge of real estate investments is so immense. Do you know the difference between a Vendor Take-Back (VTB) or Agreement for Sale? Did you know these options exist in real estate? Shelley Hagen will be teaching a weekend class in Regina on Creative Finance in September 2016 and a Wholesaling class in November 2016 in Saskatoon - You can learn all about VTB and more! See you there.

Shelly HagenShelley Hagen

I encourage you to take part in more of these super insightful coaching and conference events. If you don't know which ones are worth attending, ask us - we would love to give you some feedback on the coaches and conferences that we support.

Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. will be hosting a one-day Real Estate and Business forum in Saskatoon on October 22nd, 2016. We will offer a panel of expert speakers that will open your eyes to things you may have never heard about REI before. Don't miss out on another opportunity for learning, motivation and business growth! More details to be announced soon.

Yours truly, Alisa Thompson Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc.

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