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With the advent of social media, people are talking about businesses online, whether they’ve actually got an online presence or not. Therefore, it’s critical to be at the helm of where the conversation about your business starts and ends.

How can you take control?

Give people a place to find the information they’re looking for. Build a website where people can go to learn all about who your company is, what value it can bring to them, and how they can get in touch with you to achieve their desires.

Epic Alliance Web Solutions can help you build a responsive website that fits your business like a glove. Give us a shout today to find out more!

Date: 20/1/2017 11:00 AM PST

I’m so appreciative and blessed to have met Darlene Smith. The world doesn't have enough people with smiles and hearts like hers.

darlene smith

Darlene Smith - FortuneBuilders

Darlene Smith is a ball of fun and light when she walks into a room. Rochelle and I met Darlene through FortuneBuilders. When we met, it was like we were friends who hadn’t seen each other in years, and had a million stories and hugs to give each other. I admire Darlene for her energy and passion. Her efforts and abilities make me look lazy and dispassionate; Darlene has a tenacity that's second to none!

Darlene is also one of the proudest Canadians I know. No matter where she is, everyone in the room knows that there's a Canadian present!

Darlene has coached and trained across North America. This number of trainers and educators she has worked and studied with is so vast, that hearing about her experience with them, alone, is worth the cost of the EpicEnrichment ticket. With regard to learning and networking, Darlene's life experience plus her passion add up to make her a force to be reckoned with.

At this point, I'd bet that she's learning and networking in her sleep!

Darlene Smith is a true entrepreneur. She's able to think so outside the box, you'd think one never existed. I always enjoy any conversation I'm able to have with Darlene. I find her to be truly inspirational, and one of those people I strive to keep in my life. I’m truly honoured to have a mentor, friend and person of such heart in my life to learn from.

Epic Girl Alisa

Posted by epicalliancerealestate

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