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With the advent of social media, people are talking about businesses online, whether they’ve actually got an online presence or not. Therefore, it’s critical to be at the helm of where the conversation about your business starts and ends.

How can you take control?

Give people a place to find the information they’re looking for. Build a website where people can go to learn all about who your company is, what value it can bring to them, and how they can get in touch with you to achieve their desires.

Epic Alliance Web Solutions can help you build a responsive website that fits your business like a glove. Give us a shout today to find out more!

Date: 7/10/2016 12:21 PM PDT

Even though our parents said it's bad, if you're in business, talk to strangers! You never know what talking to strangers at an airport will give you. Well we all know I'm not shy, so when I saw Tim Reid at the Calgary airport reading a real estate investing book, my curiosity got the best of me!

The book Tim Reid was reading was one I was familiar with. When I sat down I asked him if he knew the author. Tim responded that he knew of the author, and was going to meet up with him. Next thing you know, we're talking about the wide world of real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

Tim's story is an interesting one for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit. He walked away from being an engineer to chase the entrepreneurial dream. Tim is now a self-motivated businessperson who works for himself through real estate investing.  

Tim's session at EpicEnrichment will be educational and beneficial — there's nothing like hearing stories or getting advice from someone who has been there and done it!

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 6/10/2016 3:38 PM PDT


How well do you understand the way people are wired? Garry and Rose Viden have helped hundreds of people drastically increase their income by teaching them how to work with all personality types.

Garry and Rose Viden are a great team — through B.A.N.K.s Personality Training, they educate businesses on how to help increase sales by connecting faster and easier with prospects. Effective communication is the lasting key to all strong personal and business relationships, and Epic Alliance is actually looking at including B.AN.K.s Personality Training as part of our ongoing employee training program! B.A.N.K.s is just one example of their business endeavours, as both Rose and Garry have owned multiple small businesses and have worked on various types of real estate deals.

Garry and Rose are two of the sweetest real estate investors we deal with.  We actually met through our fellow mentor, Shelley Hagen. B.A.N.K.s is only one piece of their session, Multiple Ways to Connect to Health and Wealth. We've called upon Garry to speak at our events a few times, and his sessions have been hits.  We can't wait to see what he has in store for EpicEnrichment on October 22nd!

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 30/9/2016 10:03 AM PDT

Social Media! Social Media! Social Media! You cannot run a small business without it. Believe me, we tried! Rosemary Stephanson is one of Epic Alliance's very own team players. Her rich knowledge in the field of social media is invaluable to us.

Rosemary Stephanson is a social media strategist and trainer who can help anyone (even me!) learn how to navigate social media and the technology that comes with it.  Her expertise and passion for developing digital marketing strategies, implementing them and training our team has helped Epic Alliance tremendously.

To have someone of Rosemary's caliber be willing to give up a day to come and answer any questions you may have with regard to social media is invaluable. Working with the right person who can see what a client wants and needs is a hard combination to find. Rosemary truly learns who her clients are and puts action plans together to work toward their visions and goals. She will talk freely with anyone and send them in the right direction for online marketing, whether it is with her or elsewhere.

I can't say enough about the value of the online credibility she has brought to our business. The power social media gives a business,  big or small, is astronomical.

Have questions for Rosemary? Ask away at EpicEnrichment!

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 25/9/2016 3:46 PM PDT

How to explain the SHOP.COM girls? Beverly Hufnagl, Jade Cloutier and Trina White-Maduro are a great group of women.  Beverly is a ball of passion and a "surfing the edge of life" kinda girl. Jade is a nurturing, brilliant little firecracker. Then there's Trina — a Texas-sized heart doesn't begin to describe her generosity. All of these women have such spirit and drive for their businesses.

Beverly Hufnagl, Jade Cloutier and Trina White-Maduro are a power-packed trio; the amount of business knowledge packed into these three women is endless. In the short period of time I have known them, they have taught Rochelle and I valuable info. Beverly is currently doing so well with her pairing with SHOP.COM that she has been able to go from a full time government job to doing her 9-5er part time. Jade and her husband sold their taxi company and she is now doing SHOP.COM full time. Trina has been in SHOP.COM for years and is over 700 layers deep!

Do you think these ladies would have some expert advice on business growth and networking that would add value to your business? 

Well guess what? All three women will be at your disposal for a whole day! If you haven't purchased your EpicEnrichment ticket yet, head here to get it: Looking forward to hearing what you take away from these lovely women at the conference!

PS. For those of you who don't know, Trina is best friends with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. He was actually Trina's mentor when she got into SHOP.COM. So for those of you who are fans of Rich Dad Poor Dad, here's your opportunity to get one degree of separation from Robert and Kim!

Epic Girl Alisa

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Date: 14/8/2016 4:59 PM PDT

Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. is ever-evolving and changing. We are proud to offer a new branch of Epic, EpicEnrichment. EpicEnrichment will offer or promote events, conferences and educational courses for business owners in all niches, including REI. 

For a long time, Rochelle and I have told others to invest in networking and education to better themselves and their businesses. We thrive on new learning opportunities and networking. People always tell us we are so passionate and energetic!! Some even call us, just looking for a "Dose of Epic". I'm always honoured to receive calls from people wanting to expand their context to allow more content into their lives. Only thing is, there are only sooo many hours in a day and all of them are never long enough. Hence, EpicEnrichment was born.

I'm, like, vibrating just thinking of all the opportunities Epic Alliance will bring into people's lives. So I have to get this info out there, because a giant, excited redhead is just dangerous!

EpicEnrichment will promote events Rochelle and I are either attending or hosting. So any time you see a photo with EpicEnrichment, something cool is going on! This way, if you aren't able to get to us personally for a dose of enlightenment or passion, you can attend an event and still be able to achieve what you need.

Rochelle and I love you all and want all of you to reach your wild and crazy dreams. None of that can happen without networking and education. The day I stop learning is the day the universe claims me. Remember ... passion, people and properties are what dreams are made of!

Epic Girl Alisa 

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Date: 25/7/2016 4:52 PM PDT

How many of you have a long list of educated mentors or contacts to reach out to for help with finding creative answers to situations?

Is it best to have a long list of people to reach out to, or a list of a few who have many answers? I think the answer is, "It depends". Educating one's self as a Real Estate Entrepreneur is for life. Rochelle and I discuss this all the time. So when the opportunity to spend a weekend with people as educated as Ross Lightle and his business partner Neil Christensen came up, it was a no-brainer.

And what an AWESOME decision it was! We spent 2 eight hour days in Ross' office at his home in Enderby, BC receiving one on one training. Picture this: the window views were breathtaking - mountains, blue sky and lush greenery. In 2 days we were handed tools and education that will help to restructure and revolutionize Epic Alliance. The things we learned from those 2 days have also locked in the fact that we will be doing this training again before 2016 ends.

The cost of the weekend was for Saturday and Sunday. To top it off we were given a bonus day on Monday! So basically a buy two get the third free. The bonus day was like nothing we could have possibly imagined. Have you ever done training or educational lessons on a houseboat?!

alisa houseboatWe started off in Sicamous, BC at a quaint marina. We then enjoyed sunshine and a 2 and half hour boat ride on Shuswap Lake. Our destination was the only floating lake restaurant and bar called "The Shark Shack".  

Ross Lightle

It was such a cool place and guess who is one of the owners? That's right...Ross Lightle!! Walking into a business with one of the owners is such an interesting experience...what an ambiance! We had a great meal and then headed back on our 2 and half hour boat ride to the marina.

shark shack 2

The biggest benefit to this day was getting to tell life and business stories while being surrounded by one investor's experience of living the dream.

Hope you get to spend time with people who will help make your dreams a reality!

Alisa Thompson

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Date: 7/7/2016 1:37 PM PDT

Help us celebrate our future house build with Habitat for Humanity by attending our FREE kick-off BBQ!

Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc is proud to announce our upcoming collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon. We are aiming to fund a complete house build in less than 3 years. That means raising $100,000! How Epic is that?

This idea was decided because Habitat for Humanity's corporate morals and values align very closely with ours. We share the common goal of providing affordable houses that are safe, sound and secure.

We are honoured to be working closely with Habitat for Humanity and all its members and affiliates. Volunteering on building projects will bring great emotional value to our team. Helping others will provide a foundation to improve mindsets and lift spirits by giving back to the community we love. We are looking forward to being part of many life-changing adventures and events with Habitat for Humanity.

proud supporter 3 proud supporter 2 proud supporter 1


Our intention is to raise a large portion of the money on our own, but periodically we will have events where there will be an opportunity for our network of peers to contribute donations to the project. Our Kick-Off event will be the REINN BBQ! The BQQ is a FREE, family fun, evening event that will be held on Thursday July 14th,2016. Habitat for Humanity will be in attendance and they will gladly be accepting donations of any value to go towards our project. Your donations will come with a tax receipt and huge thank-you from us!


The BBQ is Thursday, July 14th, from 5-8pm. We will be serving hamburgers, hotdogs, smokies and refreshments. Please complete your FREE registration on Eventbrite. Once your registration is complete, the location will be sent to you in an email. Come on out and bring the family....The kids are never too young to learn the value of giving to others and seeing real life examples of how people working together can achieve anything.

Have an Epic Day! Alisa Thompson (306-717-3351) Rochelle Laflamme (306-717-7848) Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc.

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Date: 21/6/2016 2:02 PM PDT

Help us give a big Saskatoon welcome to Stefan Aarnio for the Self Made Live two day weekend course. Stefan is an award winning Real Estate Investment Entrepreneur and successful Author. You won't want to miss this — Stefan will cover everything from mindset training to the flipping strategies he utilizes across Canada. If you're looking to learn from one of Canada's best and most engaging speakers, you'll want to be here!


With every copy you purchase of his book,SELF MADE, you will receive two FREE event tickets. The room is filling up fast. So...If you don't have a copy of SELF MADE, you can get the hardcover book and two event tickets for only $50!

We only have a limited number of books left, so please don't wait!! (We are down to 10.) If you are interested in purchasing a book with two tickets, email or call Alisa at 306-717-3351. If you already have a book, CLICK HERE to redeem your tickets.


Saturday, June 25th8:30AM - 6PMSunday, June 26th9:00AM - 6PM Hampton Inn 110 Gateway Boulevard Saskatoon, SK S7L 1S4 Have an Epic Day! Alisa Thompson (306-717-3351) Rochelle Laflamme (306-717-7848) Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc.

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Date: 9/6/2016 8:13 PM PDT

House auction. What does that mean to you? For most people, where I'm from, it's not the most common way to sell a house.

I'm from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In rural Saskatchewan, most people sell their homes via auction. Most of the United States and many other countries actually utilize auctions regularly to move pieces of property. Because Epic is constantly innovating, we're opting to move some of our flipped properties by auction.

Rural Saskatchewan has opted to sell farm homes by auction for a long time. A farm auction is advertised many weeks in advance. The date of the auction is added to calendars and eagerly counted down, like a fair coming to town. People will travel for miles to Coffee Row (whatever coffee house is in the community) to chat about the property and items coming up for sale. To them, the auction can't come soon enough! On the day of the auction, sometimes hundreds of people gather for it. Everyone watches with acute attention, waiting for the items they want to come up for bidding...then the bidding starts and an infectious frenzy begins! Before you know it, all the items and property are gone. The auction has done what was expected -- it was a quick and viable way to move property and other items.

In the United States, auctions are frequently utilized to sell properties.  Actually, local entrepreneur Garry Viden of Dore Enterprises has created an investment opportunity and business out of American house auctions and online bidding. Could you imagine...buying houses through an online auction and then making a profit reselling them! Especially on houses in another country! There is obviously a whole learning process to go through to achieve this caliber of online bidding and auctioning. If you'd like to connect with Garry to find out more, he can be reached here:

So, now comes our Epic House Auction! We've partnered with Bodnarus Auctioneering to auction off two stellar Saskatoon properties. Frederick Bodnarus (the owner of Bodnarus Auctioneering) is an award-winning auctioneer who has an innovative business mindset. The auction will happen on June 16th in Saskatoon at the Heritage Inn, inside Jubilee Room B & C on 102 Cardinal Crescent. At the auction, people can expect the flair of rural Saskatchewan farm auctions and the creativity of cutting-edge real estate entrepreneurs. There will be seating for 60 people and trade tables for folks to peruse too. Check out for all the details!

There are many open houses scheduled so people can gather any info they need about the properties. All of the open house dates and times are here: Also, people interested in a private viewing can call me (Alisa) at 306 717 3351 or email

If you know of someone who wants to get a quality home, or they want to be part of an epic moment, pass this blog post on to them. Everyone is welcome to come and check out the live auction! People can also go online to bid on properties...and watch the bidding to see how it goes!

Can't wait to see many smiling faces on the 16th!!

Alisa Thompson

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Date: 2/6/2016 1:44 PM PDT

Would you like to view the properties we're auctioning off with Bodnarus Auctioneering? Come check them out!

Here are the Open House dates:
June 5 
1123 Kilburn Avenue
  3-5pm 306-522 Avenue X South

June 8 7-9pm 306-522 Avenue X South   June 9 7-9pm 1123 Kilburn Avenue   June 13 7-9pm 306-522 Avenue X South   June 14 7-9pm 1123 Kilburn Avenue   June 15 5-9pm 306-522 Avenue X South & 1123 Kilburn Avenue at same time

For more info on the Epic House Auction, click here!

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