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Date: 20/5/2016 4:51 PM PDT

How did you come to know or work with Epic Alliance?

I met Alisa & Rochelle from a mutual friend when they were working on their first project on 1st Street. I loved their passion and knew right away I wanted to do something with these amazing women!

What type of work or investments have you done together?

After a few meetings with the girls, seeing their finished product and realizing they were the real deal,  an opportunity came up to invest in Conquest and we are still working on that deal and very happy with my returns. I was also honoured to be a part of the Delisle project, which was a complete gut and make over. I was ecstatic to receive my initial investment and earn double-digit returns within 7 months! Best part, I didn’t even chip a nail as a hands-off investor.

What was your overall experience or stand-out moments?

I remember the girls telling me about the Delisle project -  the house was abandoned for 4 years - you can imagine how dirty and torn up everything was! To top it off, there was poop and jugs of urine around the house! The girls were practically drooling to get into this project! Lol.  I didn’t even go on site to see it, no thanks. I had complete faith and trust in the girls and what they were doing. They couldn’t wait to get their workboots on & start digging into our goldmine! They were spot on with their numbers - The easiest money I ever made and double-digit returns in 7 months and my initial investment back! $ I earned 45,000.00 without lifting a finger - some people don’t make that much working a fulltime JOB! Can’t wait for the next deal!

How has this connection or particular experience changed your business?

I have always loved Real Estate & investing. The Epic Alliance Networking Nights (REINN) are very informative and had given me an opportunity to create some great friendships with like-minded individuals. They bring in great speakers that are experts in their field and ready to help you do the same if that is your desire. I already own a rental property and cash flowing pretty good. Meeting Alisa & Rochelle has opened many new opportunities for shorter investments that doesn’t tie me to a tenant or any landlord headaches. This could be a game changer!

Tell us a little about yourself and the work you do.

Because I love Real Estate and Investing, I have my Realtors licence specializing in rental properties and I am also licenced to help family with RESPs and educate families on options to save money for their childrens education. My mindset is to be open to new opportunities and to be ready when those opportunities come up. An opportunity came to me in December of 2015 to start this new business. My business Mastermind Live Escape is ready to be launched at the end of May 2016. For those of you that are not familiar with escape rooms or had never had the pleasure. Teams of 4-6 are in a game challenge with 2 different scenarios where you are up against the clock with 60 minutes to escape the room. These rooms are designed with hidden clues and puzzles to test your communication skills, your with and your patience! Great evening out with friends for a birthday or a team building event for work! The team is super excited and working hard putting these rooms together so you can book your adventure by the end of May 2016! Please check out our Facebook Page Mastermind Live Escape for more updates!

Dianna Chen-Bitinsky, Real Estate Agent and Investor RESP Advisor, Heritage Education Funds Owner, Mastermind Live Escape


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Date: 18/5/2016 2:20 PM PDT

In Saskatchewan, it is often hard to find Real Estate Investing educational events...and I'm not talking about the 2-hour 'sell-you-something' infomercials at hotels. I'm referring to an actual forum where people can meet other like-minded real estate entrepreneurs and receive an abundance of information and mindset training.

The PPREIG spring Real estate forum was just that - A great learning atmosphere, filled with people of eager mindsets wanting to expand their context. The variety of speakers Global REI Education was spectacular.

Edna Keep & Shelly HagenEdna Keep & Shelly Hagen

One of the first speakers for the day was Pierre-Paul Turgeon, who spoke about Multi-unit Investing.  He was an intriguing speaker with great energy! Have you ever wanted to own an apartment complex? Do you know how to get one without any of your own money? He gave the audience his perspective on how to do that!

Pierre-Paul TurgeonPierre-Paul Turgeon
Then there was Marcin Drozdz of Go-Fund - The Capital Solutions Company. They offer private funding for businesses, especially small businesses. Did you know this company even existed? I didn't, but sure glad that I know now!
Marcin DrozdzMarcin Drozdz
Adrian Leusink
Pinnacle Wealth Brokers had Adam Labuik present about their secure investment opportunities in the exempt market. Have you heard of an exempt market? Check out his links to learn more!

Then Adrian Leusink of Tamco Homes gave a presentation about the key economic drivers of Saskatchewan. He provided information about all of the market stats and projections for Saskatchewan. Do you know what percentage of Saskatchewan economy is Agriculturally based? Oil and Gas based? Service Industry based? Mining based and so on? Knowing these stats are crucial when planning your businesses direction.

Adrian LeusinkAdrian Leusink
The second day kicked-off with some great information from Garry Viden and how American tax leins are facilitated. Did you know you can purchase a house through an auction system by using the Tax Liens process? Many houses are sold by auctioning as a new form of rapidly selling off properties! It's a big thing in the USA and making it's way to Canada.

The second day also consisted of people presenting real estate offers and business plans for potential investors. Some of the investment opportunities were as little as $5,000.00. Did you know investments of $5,000.00 into real estate even existed?

The final speaker was Shelley Hagen of Di-Rae Development. Shelley is always one of my favourite presenters! Her overall knowledge of real estate investments is so immense. Do you know the difference between a Vendor Take-Back (VTB) or Agreement for Sale? Did you know these options exist in real estate? Shelley Hagen will be teaching a weekend class in Regina on Creative Finance in September 2016 and a Wholesaling class in November 2016 in Saskatoon - You can learn all about VTB and more! See you there.

Shelly HagenShelley Hagen

I encourage you to take part in more of these super insightful coaching and conference events. If you don't know which ones are worth attending, ask us - we would love to give you some feedback on the coaches and conferences that we support.

Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. will be hosting a one-day Real Estate and Business forum in Saskatoon on October 22nd, 2016. We will offer a panel of expert speakers that will open your eyes to things you may have never heard about REI before. Don't miss out on another opportunity for learning, motivation and business growth! More details to be announced soon.

Yours truly, Alisa Thompson Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc.

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Date: 10/5/2016 6:30 PM PDT

Lights, Camera, Action!

You can turn any room into the space of your dreams - All it takes is thoughtful planning, stylish design, great decor pieces, a little work and a modest budget. We recently had a client approach us to make-over her spare bedroom into an elegant, dream dressing room - and we couldn't have been more excited to tackle the beautiful staging task.

It's all in the lighting! We started out with new lighting fixtures for an immediate glam factor. A fixture can change the entire feeling of the room - and any dressing room needs great lighting!


Smart Storage Spaces

Every Dressing rooms needs ample wardrobe storage! We selected a wall to wall closet for this project. It's such a great fit that you would almost think it was custom built for this room! This is where the thoughtful planning part comes in - don't forget to use the measuring tape before buying the storage unit. Careful measurements will give you the effect you see here - fits like a glove! Some people think that a unit this size might make the room feel smaller, but it didn't! This provides a fresh, open and functional look for the space.


Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Shimmering silver tones, sophisticated fabrics and accent mirrors add flair and functionality to this dream vanity space. By adding a stylish, full-length mirror to the wall in a unique way, it really opens the space and gives the room an impressive wow-factor. Placing the mirror in an unexpected spot gives the make-over an extra notch on the style meter. Finding two mirrors with exact matching frames (from two different stores)is an extra bonus! This area is where being an Electrician came in very handy. We took a blank wall and wired custom vanity lighting with an easy access switch.


Hidden Gems

A storage stand beside the vanity station offers a great place to store away accessories, make-up and jewellery. How many of us leave those things scattered all about the table or counter? Doesn't it make you happy when everything has its place? No more racing around the house, digging through drawers looking for your favourite earrings or lipstick!


Curtain Call

Below are some additional photos of the completed room. We chose a contemporary fabric curtain rather than a typical closet door. The fabric adds a touch of soft, feminine flair and quick access to the closet! We added an additional chair to the room and an ultra sleek cabinet under the window with subtle accents. We're hoping our client is enjoying her new space as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

If you're looking for professional staging for your next home make-over, contact us!




Rochelle Laflamme Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc.

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Date: 3/5/2016 7:19 PM PDT

Power Investing Conference (Edmonton Alberta / April 30th-May 1st, 2016) Presenters: Darren Weeks, Jon Simcoe and Ken McElroy.

Alisa Thompson, Jon Simcoe, Rochelle LaflammeAlisa Thompson, Jon Simcoe, Rochelle Laflamme  

Rochelle's Takeaway: We capture every opportunity that we can to always expand our minds and our knowledge, this weekend was no exception! We attended the most recent Fast Track event, and what an event it was! There were phenomenal speakers, many who are Rich Dad Advisors. There was content from mindset training to utilizing RRSP's for vacations. Even though some of the information wasn't completely new to us it's always great to see what other people are doing. Maybe there's a takeaway that can help us make our programs work even more efficiently. Perhaps it is just seeing something from a different perspective that we had not looked at before. Let us not forget the awesome networking! Spending a full two days with like-minded people definitely helps spur on our momentum. Now we are back home and ready to continue taking massive action!

Here are just a few of the topics that were covered over the weekend:

-Land acquisition strategies
-Maximizing real estate value through construction
-When and how to purchase cash-flowing assets
-How to work with banks to secure financing
-Where to buy real estate in Canada
-Maximizing value for shareholders, lenders and partners
-Acquiring properties without a down payment

Interested in discussing any of these topics with us? Contact us today!
Alisa Thompson, Darren Weeks, Rochelle Laflamme Alisa Thompson, Darren Weeks, Rochelle Laflamme  

Alisa Thompson, Ken McElroy, Rochelle Laflamme Alisa Thompson, Ken McElroy, Rochelle Laflamme  

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Date: 15/4/2016 7:42 PM PDT

Epic Alliance never places all of their eggs in one basket – mainly because there isn’t a big enough basket to contain all of their eggs! It’s not that they have too many irons in the fire- it’s that they have so much fire within.

Alisa and Rochelle love to diversify when it comes to their investing strategies. They understand that diversification yields the best results for a long-term, lucrative career in real estate investing. Some of their methods are for short-term (large gain) and some are for long-term (steady gain).

Epic Alliance diversifies by offering flips, renovations, buy-and-holds, wholesaling, facilitating RRSP real estate investments, rentals and now, they are introducing their newest opportunities: The Epic Alliance Rent-to-Own programs.

In order to help facilitate the new programs, Alisa and Rochelle have expanded Team Epic! They are thrilled to introduce to you, Hugh Pineault. Hugh will work along-side Alisa and Rochelle to coordinate and facilitate these two new programs.

Meet Hugh Pineault!


Hugh has an extensive background in property inspections through many years of operating his company, All in One Inspection Ltd. He and his wife have personally invested in a couple of their own rental properties through Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. Hugh has recently taken part in several high caliber educational courses directly related to these programs and he would be happy to answer any questions you might have .

Take a look at the new brochures below, and contact Alisa, Rochelle or Hugh with any questions!

Rent-To-Own Home Owner Program Brochure

Download/View PDF

Rent-To-Own Tenant/Buyer Program Brochure

Download/View PDF

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Date: 14/4/2016 5:46 PM PDT

Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. Investment Opportunity Presentation - April 13th,2016




A sneak peek into the presentation room!

unnamed (1)


Things are getting started! Slideshow presentation, followed by a Q&A.


The most important point of the evening- Invest in the right deals, with the right people...

Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.52.39

The presentation was a hit!

What a great audience.

The epic evening ended with some amazing questions and great networking.

Thank you to everyone who attended.

If you missed the event, but would like to know more about our current investment opportunities -- contact us today! 

Alisa Thompson (306) 717-3351 or Rochelle Laflamme (306) 717-7848



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Date: 31/3/2016 4:32 PM PDT

It's finally happened -- we're on Twitter!

For up-to-the-minute Epic updates, follow us @epicalliancesk

Talk to you in the Twitterverse!



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Date: 22/3/2016 4:35 PM PDT

Meet Epic Alliance's newest team member!

At only 18 years old, Graham Campbell is already showing impressive aptitude as Epic Alliance's first Intern. He was introduced to us by fellow Investor, Carrie Mulligan as a prospective team member for Epic Alliance and we couldn't be more grateful for the introduction.

Graham has been working feverishly side-by-side with Alisa and Rochelle to absorb the dialogue and details of the real estate investing experience that they offer.  His dynamic and lively personality has been a great addition to the high-energy team. He has additionally committed himself to learning the industry by taking part in real estate education and self-initiated study.

Graham has been working with the Epic team to launch and facilitate communications for the Hassle-Free Landlord Program. Learning this program has been an exciting undertaking for Graham and a great introduction to the business.



Hassle- Free Landlord Opportunity


With youth on his side, plenty of dedication and personality, Graham is definitely a figure you will see in this industry for a long time to come. Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself to him at the next REINN event!

We welcome Graham to the team and look forward to many years of learning and growing together!


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Date: 11/3/2016 6:59 PM PST

How did you come to know or work with Epic Alliance?

I met Rochelle & Alisa at one of their first Real Estate Investors Networking Night meetings in April, 2014 (though it feels like a decade -in a good way!)

995001_403280946440924_1616728126_n I attended their event as an interested investor, but was invited to discuss my book, "The Canadian Gold Rush is Back! How to Accelerate Your Wealth Outside the Stock Market." We were immediate fast friends at this first encounter because we share the same vision. Their physical energy and stamina far-exceeds mine, but the mindset of success and helping others along the way is the same.

I surround myself with positive - energized people with good hearts, and they are always on the top of my list. I was impressed with their plans to incorporate raising up struggling young women, to build a great life for themselves. They have incorporated building the success of others part of their end goal.


What type of work or investments have you done together?

I invited Rochelle and Alisa to join me in Los Angeles for a Mega Partnering event, where we met Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino. After that event, they asked me to join them in Las Vegas for a Fortune Builder Conference, so I booked my flight and tickets! It isn't good enough to learn about success, you have to learn from the best! I trust their integrity and abilities, so I had no problem investing with them in two Hassle-Free Landlord houses. The numbers made sense and they are great partners. It was extra appealing because as a cash flow rental investment, I have zero hands-on responsibilities. The Epic girls are the most adaptable investors I know. They can duck-dodge and redirect their investment strategies for whatever works for the situation or investing partner.

What was your overall experience or stand-out moments?

Over the last two years, I have spent a lot of time with and watching the Epic girls evolve and put their strategies into place. Their REINN group has grown from just a few to almost 50 in attendance each month. Their media and online presence has exploded - from magazine features, news videos, and maximizing their social media. They have a professional and polished presence by adding an amazing marketing team. Rochelle and Alisa are always investing in their real estate and business education, so they continually build on their business and everything they have to offer.


How has this connection or particular experience changed your business?

Rochelle and Alisa have added substantially to my business network and opportunities. As they grow and build their following, I also gain valuable connections. I am always looking to bring value to them in return. By saying yes to the opportunity to join them in Vegas for Fortune Builders, I was introduced to their head Canadian coach. I'm now in the process of connecting the international company with our Canadian National Best Business Network. You never know where an introduction can lead you. Stay open to envisioning potentials.

Tell us a little about yourself and the work you do.

I've spent almost a decade studying how to maximize my investing results. My husband and I invest directly in rental real estate on our own or in partnerships, and in a variety of private market investments. I wrote the first book on the Private Market in Canada, because I saw that the majority of Canadians are in the dark. There are so many things you can do inside your RRSP and TFSA for income and growth. Most investors understand that diversification is a part of asset protection, yet so many hold everything on the stock market, primarily because they don't know or understand their options. I started PowerHouse Women and Wealth as a platform to educate women to take control of their financial success. When you have balance in your Financial Life, you create peace in all other areas of your life. I believe, the more people you help succeed, the higher and farther it will take you!


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Date: 24/2/2016 7:34 PM PST

TIME IS MONEYInvest both to reap the most rewards
For any of you that know us, it will come as no surprise that we take every opportunity to surround ourselves with people who share our mindset and business goals. Even after working a 60 hour week, we still go the extra distance to spend our ‘down-time’ attending educational and networking events across North America. We have crossed paths with so many amazing and motivational investors over the years – but none quite as driven as Stefan Aarnio.

Aarnio is a Canadian Award Winning, Real Estate Investor, Coach, Author & Public Speaker. He uses inventive strategies and techniques developed from the best minds in the field. He shows readers step-by-step methods to create lucrative real estate deals with no money and little effort.
We have been in the same room with Stefan Aarnio several times at various events over the years – but our most memorable time was our accidental encounter with him at a networking conference in Los Angeles, CA. It was there that we received our first signed copy of his book; Money People Deal, and discovered that we wanted to learn more about him and his business through attending his future courses.
Like most of you, we also have crazy busy schedules, important work and family commitments, a house to clean, homework with the kids, suppers to prepare, bills to pay, dogs to walk, and the last time we checked – we also had zero money trees growing in our backyards! This means that we can’t do everything we want to and we can’t just drop everything to run to every event invite that hits our inbox. We are selective about the events we choose and the people we align ourselves with. We are most often drawn to the pillars of the industry – people that are successfully making a difference and a great living by doing the things they love, coach and write about.
That is the exact reason that we decided to attend Aarnio’s most recent coaching event in Calgary, Alberta. He lives by his guidelines that he coaches. Aarnio utilized the steps that he outlined in his book to attain his massive real estate investing success -- That’s a like-minded person that we were interested in hearing more from!
Away we went! We finished up our work week and hit the highway for our 8-hour trek to Calgary for his weekend event – Self Made. Self Made is the title of his sophomore book and his most current real estate investing course.
Saturday, February 20th, was day one of our course with Stefan. The first day was all about mindset. Mindset is such a crucial part of any successful business. Mindset is your typical outlook or response to things around you. Success is a direct reflection of mindset. Focusing your energies on solutions rather than obstacles will ALWAYS award better results! Mindset determines how you respond to people and situations and how others engage with you. A positive mindset opens up a whole new world of opportunities – which is such a large part of making successful strides real estate investing market.

Sunday was all about analyzing actual real estate deals. It was the meat and potatoes kind of day. He walked the group through all of the actual numbers and breakdowns of deals that he and his team have actually completed. He showed the group what deals made sense and profit – and why. Stefan and his team went to great lengths to put together a course that takes rather complex real estate theories and presents them to the audience in a very direct and simplified way. There are so many variables to building a successful career in real estate investing, but it all starts with a foundation of a positive mindset and a solid understanding of the numbers and the deals – everything else can fall into place from there!

We left Aarnio’s weekend course feeling even more connected and inspired than before. We always tend to have a burst of energy after spending time with successful, driven investors at industry events. If we could ever bottle-up that post event feeling and spread it around, we could easily put RedBull out of business! That feeling creates immense  drive, ideas and ambition. Networking and learning are not only good for your business, but are essential fuel for your entrepreneurial spirit too!
Ok, well not exactly...We didn’t think it would have been very becoming of us to pack him in our trunk to bring him back to Saskatoon – we did the next best thing – we brought back dozens of copies of his debut book in the trunk of our car instead! It’s a win/win for everyone.
Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. is offering a copy of this book to anyone who schedules a free consultation with us to discuss their real estate investing options.  A copy of the book is our gift to those who are serious about taking an epic journey into the world of real estate investing with us!
This is a great read and a beneficial guide for those interested in becoming involved in money-making real estate transactions. We feel the information outlined in this book will lead more people to understand the dynamics of successful investing in real estate.
In Money People Deal, you will discover:
-    The Law of Certainty and the 21 steps to a profitable joint venture
-    Why the best deals are created and cannot be bought
-    Why morons get rich and geniuses die broke
-    The 4 fastest ways to profit
If you are interested in learning more about investing in real estate, reach out to us! It's always a benefit to surround yourself with passionate professionals that are active in the industry.
email us at:
Epic Alliance Web Logo
“People who invest in themselves and education never lose.” – Stefan Aarnio

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