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Epic Alliance Electrical Inc.

Serving your residential electrical needs

Epic Alliance Electrical inc

Powered by women, Epic Alliance Electrical Inc. specializes in home electrical wiring.

Are you looking to get that renovation done this year?
Would you like a company you can trust and won't leave a mess behind?
Do you have a small or big electrical job that needs attention?

A small taste of projects we can help with

  • Residential interior wiring
  • Household electrical
  • Re-lighting configurations
  • Hot tub wiring
  • Changing light fixtures
  • Garage wiring

Our team's approach on all projects is to provide exceptional quality workmanship, have as much passion for the project as you, to have the utmost integrity, and leave a breath taking clean workspace.

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Our company

Epic Alliance Electrical is a prairie-grown residential electrical company that is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We serve any home within Saskatchewan.
Our company was built from the ground up with a strong work ethic, and we hold a high standard of integrity in everything Epic Alliance does. Big or small Epic can manage to work on it all!


Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson 100% believe that
We have the ability to choose how to live every moment in our lives.
Each new day is another chance to rewrite our histories.
To be better.
To strive for greatness.

Once “The Girls” (a nickname that’s been given to Rochelle and Alisa by peers and clients), a pair of ambitious and hard-working female electricians knew for certain that their real estate company would keep going forward, they wanted to find a way to give back.Here’s why.The Girls have had to choose to deal with more than a few tough situations to get to where they are today. Divorce, single motherhood and working 3 jobs to make ends meet are a few of them.They’ve also had a lot of folks tell them that there’s no way they can accomplish all they’ve set out to do in their lives.

That their goals are just pipe dreams, Naysayers. It’s a darn good thing that The Girls chose to ignore them, because of today, they’re award-winning real estate entrepreneurs who have been internationally recognized by FortuneBuilders for facilitating the most creative real estate investing deal in 2016.Because of all of this, Rochelle and Alisa are fiercely passionate about helping people see that they’re not bound by life’s circumstances.That they can make a series of choices that will better their lives, and the lives of their families, even when everyone around them says it’s impossible.

So, to accomplish this, at Epic Alliance Electrical Inc., we focus on training women, single parents and Aboriginal people as apprentices. Alisa is a single mom, herself, and Rochelle is Cree. In addition, we help all of our apprentices achieve greater wellbeing through housing support and nanny services.

We can’t wait to celebrate many milestones with our Electrical Team!

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